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Today we have been updated all 3D models in our STORE.

Now all 3D models has OBJ file format.

It helps our customer to use them in different 3D programs, such as 3D Max, Blender, Modo, Rhinoceros and so on.

Get Packaging 3D model that You Liked!


Our international design team’s mission was always and it is to help your friends, subscriber and customers to save their time by providing them with professional 3D services.

That’s why we have decided to start our new program!

This program calls “Get Lovely Packaging 3D Models”.

Main difference of this program between others is that you will get 3D packaging model you liked! So, after submitting your ideas on our WaldemarArt Design Studio’s Facebook page we gonna make them in 3D format for you!

Here are 3 simple steps how to get professional 3D packaging models that you liked:

  1. Write your post about packaging that you liked in our Facebook Page.
  2. Attache references (pictures) to your post and publish it!
  3. Wait a while and Get your lovely packaging in 3D format in our Store!

Please, note only the super best packaging design will be participate in this program.




Today our STORE is OUT! We've worked hard on it so, hope it will helps all designers and people who needs professional packaging designs!

  • Are you looking for an already created 3D packaging design?
  • Or are you a professional graphic designer who doesn't know 3D
  • very well and need ready to use 3D scenes with packaging models?
  • Have you ever wanted to make or buy professional packaging designs, packaging mockups or 3D packaging models with only one click?

WaldemarArt will take care of solving all of your design dilemmas.

Take a look at these fully textured scenes with professional packaging designs that includes shaders and lighting, Photoshop mockups and 3D models that are ready to use. All 3D files compatible with Cinema 4D, 3D Max, Blender, Rhinoceros, Maya, Softimage are ready to use.

Get your own professional packaging designs for personal or commercial use!