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MILKO - Premium Diary Product Packaging Design is Most Appreciated and 1st on Behance!


MILKO - Premium Diary Product Packaging Design is Most Appreciated and 1st on...

Posted by WaldemarArt Design Studio on Saturday, June 13, 2015



Today, We Publish our Case Study of Rose Wine - Rose Flamingo.

Rose Flamingo - Wose wine

The design idea of wine Rose Flamingo was born a long time ago. I wanted to create such design, which could impersonate all the beauty of a rose wine as an beverage: softness, rich taste and pink color. And suddenly – I realized - the creature of pink flamingo would totally reveal all those qualities. In order to create such beautiful design of “Rose Flamingo”, there were 2 tasks that had to be done: first of them is making the unique label’s design, and the second one would be creating the unusual form of a bottle, which could emphasize, support and reveal the creature of flamingo in the bottle’s design.

Rose Flamingo - rose wine

I used Illustrator and Photoshop for those tasks. I was looking for the creature of flamingo and the style of it’s accomplishment on the label. Once, when loading the program Illustrator, I saw the work of Patrick Seymour , explained him the idea and he kindly said YES. That’s how we approached to work.

When I got the first sketches from Patrick, I paid attention to the long legs of a flamingo, and suddenly got an idea: flamingo’s legs should be lengthen all over the surface of the bottle – from label till the end of a bottle. That’s how a decision was made: lengthening bottle and emphasizing the gracefulness of flamingo itself.

Rose Flamingo - rose wine

We created a model of bottle with Cinema 4D. I used Curves and Lather, which gave us the opportunity to finish the lower part of the bottle. Creating label of the bottle should be mentioned separately: label was made with Arc and Loft. The texture was multilayered in Tiff format. That’s how thanks to Cinema 4D we could professionally visualize the design of “Rose Flamingo”.

We published the design on Behance. For only one week – we had more than 3 000 of reviews. Honestly – we didn’t expect such success. Afterwards, our design was published in Packaging Served catalogue. Packaging Served is the Adobe’s company project, where all the best designs from Behance web page are getting published.

Rose Flamingo - rose wine

I always liked Cinema 4D for the user-friendly interface, variety of instrument, stability of work and libraries with all the needed materials. This really saves our time while creating a design.

WaldemarArt Design Studio is creating packaging designs in Cinema 4D and that is the strongest instrument for modeling and visualization of the design.


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